Nature is my muse, and its been my passion. Frans Lanting

Photographer for national geographic. Life, the journey through life, where matter condenses into sphears over time, solifing into surface, molded by fire.  Water is a key to life. Planet earth is different, it is boilling inside. He developed this lyrical interpretation of the history of the planet by his inspiration. He ended up with so many collections of work which have enabled people to learn from a different scope. 


My mission to capture images of nature that could evoke time and origins required lots of research and planning. I wanted to apply both new scientific ideas to my subjects and new photographic techniques to my images.

His work inspires me, to see that there are more people out there like me,  that their passion is nature and have been able to accomplish outstanding things to communicate to people about the planet. He has become one of my biggest role models, how he has adventures so many parts of the world and has unique photographs that not only capture your attention but tell a wonderful and full of Life story... SimplySOPH 

African Elephant in Chobe National Park, Botswana.jpg