Environmental Communication.. What i see myself doing..

Environmental communication is all of the diverse forms of interpersonal, group, public, organizational, and mediated communication that make up the social discussion/debate about environmental issues and problems, and our relationship to non-human nature. Loosely speaking, we can refer to that discussion/debate about environmental issues and problems as “environmental discourse.” And, we can refer to the even broader social discussion about Nature as the discourse of Nature.
— International Environmental Communication Assosiation

As I mentioned before, one of my passions is nature. The reason why I started studying visual communication and have my minor in environmental science is because I have always wanted to be able to communicate in simple ways that is happening to the environment. People often feel overwealmed with all the catastrophic negative information in all types of media, and therefore there is an issue of denial. People don’t want to see the actual problems our earth is facing because we feel we cant really do much to change it. But the truth is, if everyone would have a positive attitude towards this, we would be able to accomplish much more. Therefore I have found that being able to communicate, simple but important information to people (but common terminology not only scientific that more than half of the people don’t even understand), is something I would love to accomplish with my work. Through photography and design, being able to communicate how your small changes in living your life helps to be more sustainable and have a smaller environmental impact on the planet. If I would continue to have the lifestyles I currently have, the amount of resources needed to maintain us would equal more that 3 planets. 

We need to change, little by little, but generating progress. Environmental communication is a must since yesterday. People need to understand the need of our change in behavior and lifestyle in order have a wealthier planet... SIMPLYSOPH..*