All great things begin as projects: TED TALKS: InfoGRAPHIC

Ever since I first saw my first Ted Talk, I have been a fan of them because of their enormous range of topics covered and amazing people that talk from all over the world. Since I started studying Visual Communication, I have learned on the different ways to inform people about what you do and how you do it. This amazing info-graphic illustrates how the same message if its graphic and illustrated can be more easily understood by all types of people. Ted talks mainly is about how projects have became a success to each person. They share with the world their view and their project explaining how they have arrived to the place they are today. In a matter of 30 years, they have managed to give talks in more than 150 countries. This system and organization has become super successful and as a viewer of many of their talks I can say that this was a great invention.

As well as this, Infographics and Motion Graphics is how I have thought for years now that information should be taught to humans can relate to what the information means… SIMPLY SOPH..