The Magic of Time Lapse


Pelle Cass' Time-Lapse Photos Outsmart Even The Trickiest Photographers

Pelle Cass is an amazing photographer that uses Time Lapse Photography as never seen before. He has the creativity and the eye in order to take the time and the composition for amusement. He manipulates the images he takes (around 200 or more each time), and creates a single image. If you have ever wondered if this would be possible... IT IS. Every time he picks a theme, and he only gets rid of things he doesn't need, of course he uses Photoshop to create this, but it is only letting the viewer see the important. He has a series of photographs that each one depicts a different objective. He has people in different positions to become a shape, or focuses only on animals, colors or places. He inspires me to be able not only to photograph but to manipulate an image to create this unique scenario full of wonder and excitement. I have been a fan of time-lapse in video, I have never seen some one apply it to a single image. ITS SIMPLY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!....