Stop Motionista - Making videos with pictures amaze


Petra Cross is an amazing story teller with her videos .- 

As a creator she captures around 2000 images in a 3 minute video. She is known for her unique story telling videos made out of many images in different scenarios. She has been an inspiration for me to make a commercial to the Linden Street Coffee House, and also when I travel I have been doing her technique, it is not easy, but it is certainly fun. She has been traveling around and enabling people to see what she saw. It is a technique that looks amazing, because pictures go on so fast, that it is even art. Art to see how you can look even at one thing and by focusing it differently you can make an amazing sequence that your eye can't even imagine. I am a fan of her work, and have been able to do some of my class projects with her technique, it defiantly makes things more fun and interesting... I simply Love her work..... SIMPLYSOPH...