Environmental Design.. Getting everywhere


 Piet Hein Eek designed this stacked wood Cabin..

This amazing design in the middle of the forest was designed for Hans Liberg who is a pianist and there he practices and takes some time off the real world. Piet Hein designed also the inside in order to give it the perfect ambience and feeling to be there as often as possible. I have been a fan of environmental work for 4 years now, and seeing how Photographers, Artists and even Architecture now is blending their style to blend in with the natural look of things. I love nature, and Piet Hein design is the style I love that people incorporate in their homes or places for holidays. In order to accomplish such thing, materials, architecture and design are a must in order to be successful in this field. 

Its is fascinating how instead of having a simple cabin as all the rest we know, specialists are coming up with this amazing ideas to innovate and also match the environment the place is at. I find it inspiring to see how people are also making and building things that take into consideration their environmental impact.

Creating awareness and appreciation of nature is of of the values I HAVE IN MY LIFE--- simplySOPH...*