Beautiful Type makes it to the wall


Bryan Patrick Todd and Kirby Stafford make street art..*

This two artists are making streets be unique. Todd is a graphic designer and Stafford a sign painter and decided to combine their creative ability into beauty for others. They have both been working on simple walls in Louisiana, converting them with phrases that are colorful and geometrically planned to capture people´s attention and make the place a unique one. This work is a result of team work. Todd makes the designs in a small scale, having outstanding typography skills, and Stafford makes it happen in a larger scale. Together they have accomplished more than 4 signs so far, and people, neighbors and even tourists have loved to see art on a huge wall. I have been a fan of type for a couple of years now, but all i have seen is in posters or computer, I have now a new concept of this incredible posters in a huge scale.

With my personal work, i have been incorporating type into my photography, combining the two has become my passion and seeing people doing new things is always inspiring.. I imagine myself putting my art in billboards or even in nature in a bigger scale. CREATIVITY HAS NO LIMITS, and it is not only a matter of being unique, this is an amazing example of how two wonderful artists become one with this incredible result.So, it is clear to me that mixing with other people´s creativity is also a way to solve a way of expression*.. SIMPLYSOPH...