Beware of living in an image-based world

Article from Harol  d Hay. 

Article from Harold Hay. 

I love taking pictures and learning new things not only by reading but by seeing info graphics, motion graphics or even videos with Kinetic Type to make the content more appealing. But as I found out today, the image driven world we live today is not only having positive results on people. The end result is we now have much shorter attention spans thanks to the expansion to an image-based society. We cannot concentrate on any one thing for any length of time. I have seen a massive decrease on the time I can spend on something without being distracted from it. Without us reading and thinking the amount of knowledge we will have is less.

“If you are not willing to think for yourself and do your own research, someone is more than willing to tell you what to think.”  Media assigning new meaning and feeling to images and are able to manipulate what we get from what we see.  we have to be careful to what we see and what we understand from it. Even though I consider a fan of images, I now know that we have to be careful to what we read from every image we see. That´s why my field of visual communication is so important, the fact that we have to communicate effectively to the people around us is a must in society today.!