Environmental Communication.. What i see myself doing..

Environmental communication is all of the diverse forms of interpersonal, group, public, organizational, and mediated communication that make up the social discussion/debate about environmental issues and problems, and our relationship to non-human nature. Loosely speaking, we can refer to that discussion/debate about environmental issues and problems as “environmental discourse.” And, we can refer to the even broader social discussion about Nature as the discourse of Nature.
— International Environmental Communication Assosiation

As I mentioned before, one of my passions is nature. The reason why I started studying visual communication and have my minor in environmental science is because I have always wanted to be able to communicate in simple ways that is happening to the environment. People often feel overwealmed with all the catastrophic negative information in all types of media, and therefore there is an issue of denial. People don’t want to see the actual problems our earth is facing because we feel we cant really do much to change it. But the truth is, if everyone would have a positive attitude towards this, we would be able to accomplish much more. Therefore I have found that being able to communicate, simple but important information to people (but common terminology not only scientific that more than half of the people don’t even understand), is something I would love to accomplish with my work. Through photography and design, being able to communicate how your small changes in living your life helps to be more sustainable and have a smaller environmental impact on the planet. If I would continue to have the lifestyles I currently have, the amount of resources needed to maintain us would equal more that 3 planets. 

We need to change, little by little, but generating progress. Environmental communication is a must since yesterday. People need to understand the need of our change in behavior and lifestyle in order have a wealthier planet... SIMPLYSOPH..*

All great things begin as projects: TED TALKS: InfoGRAPHIC

Ever since I first saw my first Ted Talk, I have been a fan of them because of their enormous range of topics covered and amazing people that talk from all over the world. Since I started studying Visual Communication, I have learned on the different ways to inform people about what you do and how you do it. This amazing info-graphic illustrates how the same message if its graphic and illustrated can be more easily understood by all types of people. Ted talks mainly is about how projects have became a success to each person. They share with the world their view and their project explaining how they have arrived to the place they are today. In a matter of 30 years, they have managed to give talks in more than 150 countries. This system and organization has become super successful and as a viewer of many of their talks I can say that this was a great invention.

As well as this, Infographics and Motion Graphics is how I have thought for years now that information should be taught to humans can relate to what the information means… SIMPLY SOPH..


Ansel Adams: Makes Magic in Photographs

Drawn to the beauty of nature’s monuments, he is regarded by environmentalists as a monument himself, and by photographers as a national institution.
— Ansel Adams

Since I started studying photography one of my major inspirations has been this amazing and respected photographer. He was one of the first to caputre nature´s beauty and prescence. He has been recognized as the most widely exhibited and recognized photographer of his generation. His ability to frame and capture the exact momento is unique. One of the things that I most value about hi mis how he developed his work, he didnt have photoshop like us, all his work was amazing from the moment he measured the light in his analog camera. 

The high contrast that he obtained in the majority of his work is unbelievable. He was the person that woke up my interest in nature photography, how Little things that surround us matter and represent inmense beauty that not everyone sees with the same lens… SIMPLYSOPH.. 

I hope that my work will encourage self expression in others and stimulate the search for beauty and creative excitement in the great world around us.
— Ansel Adams


Nature is my muse, and its been my passion. Frans Lanting

Photographer for national geographic. Life, the journey through life, where matter condenses into sphears over time, solifing into surface, molded by fire.  Water is a key to life. Planet earth is different, it is boilling inside. He developed this lyrical interpretation of the history of the planet by his inspiration. He ended up with so many collections of work which have enabled people to learn from a different scope. 


My mission to capture images of nature that could evoke time and origins required lots of research and planning. I wanted to apply both new scientific ideas to my subjects and new photographic techniques to my images.

His work inspires me, to see that there are more people out there like me,  that their passion is nature and have been able to accomplish outstanding things to communicate to people about the planet. He has become one of my biggest role models, how he has adventures so many parts of the world and has unique photographs that not only capture your attention but tell a wonderful and full of Life story... SimplySOPH 

African Elephant in Chobe National Park, Botswana.jpg

Environmental Design.. Getting everywhere


 Piet Hein Eek designed this stacked wood Cabin..

This amazing design in the middle of the forest was designed for Hans Liberg who is a pianist and there he practices and takes some time off the real world. Piet Hein designed also the inside in order to give it the perfect ambience and feeling to be there as often as possible. I have been a fan of environmental work for 4 years now, and seeing how Photographers, Artists and even Architecture now is blending their style to blend in with the natural look of things. I love nature, and Piet Hein design is the style I love that people incorporate in their homes or places for holidays. In order to accomplish such thing, materials, architecture and design are a must in order to be successful in this field. 

Its is fascinating how instead of having a simple cabin as all the rest we know, specialists are coming up with this amazing ideas to innovate and also match the environment the place is at. I find it inspiring to see how people are also making and building things that take into consideration their environmental impact.

Creating awareness and appreciation of nature is of of the values I HAVE IN MY LIFE--- simplySOPH...*

Beautiful Type makes it to the wall


Bryan Patrick Todd and Kirby Stafford make street art..*

This two artists are making streets be unique. Todd is a graphic designer and Stafford a sign painter and decided to combine their creative ability into beauty for others. They have both been working on simple walls in Louisiana, converting them with phrases that are colorful and geometrically planned to capture people´s attention and make the place a unique one. This work is a result of team work. Todd makes the designs in a small scale, having outstanding typography skills, and Stafford makes it happen in a larger scale. Together they have accomplished more than 4 signs so far, and people, neighbors and even tourists have loved to see art on a huge wall. I have been a fan of type for a couple of years now, but all i have seen is in posters or computer, I have now a new concept of this incredible posters in a huge scale.

With my personal work, i have been incorporating type into my photography, combining the two has become my passion and seeing people doing new things is always inspiring.. I imagine myself putting my art in billboards or even in nature in a bigger scale. CREATIVITY HAS NO LIMITS, and it is not only a matter of being unique, this is an amazing example of how two wonderful artists become one with this incredible result.So, it is clear to me that mixing with other people´s creativity is also a way to solve a way of expression*.. SIMPLYSOPH... 


Stop Motionista - Making videos with pictures amaze


Petra Cross is an amazing story teller with her videos .- 

As a creator she captures around 2000 images in a 3 minute video. She is known for her unique story telling videos made out of many images in different scenarios. She has been an inspiration for me to make a commercial to the Linden Street Coffee House, and also when I travel I have been doing her technique, it is not easy, but it is certainly fun. She has been traveling around and enabling people to see what she saw. It is a technique that looks amazing, because pictures go on so fast, that it is even art. Art to see how you can look even at one thing and by focusing it differently you can make an amazing sequence that your eye can't even imagine. I am a fan of her work, and have been able to do some of my class projects with her technique, it defiantly makes things more fun and interesting... I simply Love her work..... SIMPLYSOPH...  

Trial and Error Photography - Natural Forces


Swiss Artist: Fabian Oefner utilizes paint to create magical shapes 

"Being an Artist for me is understanding the world more clearly" - Fabian Oefner

He is a scientist, photographer and artist. When I first heard of him I was impressed by how using simple things people are able to create outstanding art that the eye sometimes doesn't even understand how it was made. Understanding the law of forces, he created a series called NATURAL FORCES. In his series of photographs he illustrates how he captures paint in Motion frozen by multiple flashes. He freezes the movement of paint with a spiral, by him throwing objects to a bucket of paint and many different techniques that he carefully analyses before even planning. It takes him around a thousand pictures to be able to create less than a hundred of successful ones, so as you can see, it is a matter of time and dedication in order to GAIN SUCCESS. Nothing in life is easy, it takes creativity, planning and technique to be able to accomplish things.  He explains his use with paint as: 

“The motion of the paint happens in a blink of an eye, the images you see are taken only millisecond after the drill was turned on. To capture the moment, where the paint forms that distinctive shape, I connected a sensor to the drill, which sends an impulse to the flashes. These specialized units are capable of creating flashes as short as a 1/40000 of a second, freezing the motion of the paint.”

It is inspiring for me to see people wanting to create. To create and be passionate about what they do no matter what the process is. The world today is full of different ideas and dreams, and of course, having that idea be successful pushes us to continue pursuing it. As for me, Photography is my passion, I have not yet found that unique technique to be different than everyone else, i am still in the process... SIMPLYSOPH..* 

The Magic of Time Lapse


Pelle Cass' Time-Lapse Photos Outsmart Even The Trickiest Photographers

Pelle Cass is an amazing photographer that uses Time Lapse Photography as never seen before. He has the creativity and the eye in order to take the time and the composition for amusement. He manipulates the images he takes (around 200 or more each time), and creates a single image. If you have ever wondered if this would be possible... IT IS. Every time he picks a theme, and he only gets rid of things he doesn't need, of course he uses Photoshop to create this, but it is only letting the viewer see the important. He has a series of photographs that each one depicts a different objective. He has people in different positions to become a shape, or focuses only on animals, colors or places. He inspires me to be able not only to photograph but to manipulate an image to create this unique scenario full of wonder and excitement. I have been a fan of time-lapse in video, I have never seen some one apply it to a single image. ITS SIMPLY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!....