About Me: simplySOPH


Creative thinker and Life lover. The lens of my camera becomes my eye, it captures places, situations and beauty that I want to share. My art work is not only a means of expression, but also how I want to communicate awareness and appreciation of nature and life. Nature inspires me to create. Including typography and design in my work enables me to bring my pictures to life, also by creating videos and simple designs. My goal is to get people´s attention and to make them value designers and the ecosystem, make them see how little things matter.  


Hello Everyone... My name is Sofia Jaramillo Arguimbau and I am Mexican. At my 25 years of age I can finally say that I have defined my artistic style, taking photos, manipulating them in a sequence in order to tell a story. I love to communicate with others (or to others), traveling and learning from every place and person I meet along my way. I came to the States because I got a scholarship from my tennis and academic career in Visual Communication and Minor in Environmental Science. 


"Thank you for Visiting my Portfolio Site"